Various - reise nach atlantis

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In order to open a trade route from the Baltic Sea to Persia via Russia, Prince Friedrich III of Holstein-Gottorp sent an embassy to the Persian court in 1635 to negotiate commercial arrangements. The embassy returned to Holstein in 1637. The secretary for the numerous staff was the librarian and mathematician Adam Olearius (Ölschläger), whose travel account is among the best sources about Safavid Persia. His route took him from the Caucasian shore of the Caspian Sea via Ardabīl, Solṭānīya, Qazvīn, Qom, Kāšān, and Naṭanz to Isfahan and back. As a mathematician he corrected the available map of Persia considerably by his measurements. Although not mainly concerned with archeology, the voluminous publication of his “Moscowitische und Persianische Reisebeschreibung” contains interesting remarks on monuments, and his many illustrations of cities, palaces, and court life, despite being completed, embellished, and partly distorted by the European engravers, are clearly based on realistic sketches at the spot. The drawings of cities such as Darband and Tarku are strikingly informative even today.

Various - Reise Nach AtlantisVarious - Reise Nach AtlantisVarious - Reise Nach AtlantisVarious - Reise Nach Atlantis